Rugged Panasonic Toughbooks

Rugged laptops have become an important part of everyday life. Productivity at all hours of the day which includes the used in office work like spreadsheets and email plus from multiple locations. The Panasonic Toughbook line of rugged laptops and and computers greatly enhances productivity by extending the reach of computing power to all areas of the workplace. Panasonic's rugged portable computers and rugged laptops, with optional sunlight readable displays, are commonly used by police, fire, utility, warehouse, and manufacturing companies.  While commercial plastic laptop screens would need to be shaded, adding a Sunlight Readable LCD allows for the sun to be directly on the LCD while still being able to view everything on theDisplay/LCD.

Each rugged laptop and portable computer is built to withstand repeated drops, extremes of temperature, liquid spills, and general harsh treatment. Sealed keyboards, integrated LAN and WAN options, touchscreens, and sunlight readable displays take the common laptop to a new level.  Even the semi-rugged laptop like the Panasonic Toughbook CF-50 and CF-51 can withstand some harsh treatment.  "Quality is what Panasonic has a strong grip on." noted Bob Johnson, "Even the really old Panasonic Toughbooks like the CF-27 still are viable productive tools in the workplace."

Most rugged laptops are made with a magnesium housing - 20 times stronger than ABS plastic and rated to take a drop from 3ft.  All major components are shock mounted like the Hard Disc Drive, LCD, Motherboard, RAM and other critical parts within the laptop. The USB, RS232, VGA, FireWire, Power and other ports are all protected behind doors or tight fitting rubber gaskets - allowing these ports to withstand the harsh elements.

Rugged laptops are used in a variety of settings such as mounted in vehicles, carried by our armed forces, executives on the go and almost all individuals that work in a rough and tough environments. The Rugged laptop is designed to withstand the rigors of - rain, sand, vibration, shock, drop, high to low temperatures and the highest altitudes to the lowest. There are many applications for a rugged Panasonic Toughbook computer.

We already mentioned some common industries that use the rugged Panasonic Toughbook Laptop.  If your work involves using a laptop in the field or if you drive a vehicle and need access to critical company information, or you just think plastic is not strong enough for your daily use. A magnesium housed rugged notebook may be the answer.  It will take the beatings you give it or the accidental drops and the vibrations from the road. Service men and women and individuals working in the field know what it's like to use a commercial plastic laptop outdoors. You can't see the screen and if you drop it - you need to purchase another laptop. A rugged notebook will fix all those problems with Sunlight Readable LCDs, 3ft. drop resistant to MIL-STD 810F certification. Bob also mentions that - "Mainstream laptops just don't cut it in the everyday workplace anymore.  We see our customers demanding more from their work tools like the laptops they use.  They need reliablity and performance that lasts."

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